03 August 2009

Bright and Beautiful

breaking the mold is a day by day effort,
snapping out of old routines,
breaking old habits and establishing new ones
cracking the stamp of who I was,
a fragmented self floating through the ether of a hazed and diffuse existence
each day brings new challenges, each encounter--
with myself, with others, with my God--
causes me to reexamine who it is I want to be and how I will get there from who I am now,
at this very moment
You brought this out, you,
the bright and beautiful one, my angel.
I've written about you so many times through the years,
never knowing you,
and now you're here, now I hold you and breathe you in,
catch your scent on my clothes and feel your thoughts in mine,
now I have you, Angel,
and I'll never let you go.

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