09 September 2009

Universe of Potentialities

increments of days pass in flashes in a deluge of days time is slippery scratchy patchy and strange i cannot catch it or stop it or pass it by it is wind between my fingers and sand in my hair...how great thou art...how i wish i could frame moments in my mind and paste them like collage or montage overlay the melodies that move me the music that catches the groove of my soul and lifts me sends me drifting aloft on the sails of inspiration this isn't about age or accomplishments this is an elegy for each lost opportunity of each moment...things i couldve done places i couldve gone who i couldve been and all those potentialities are a universe unto themselves perhaps i shall one day craft a raft or a rocketship and blast away from this grabbing spinning drifting soil and visit them tangibly touch their textures and inhale their scents memorize their features taste them sour or sweet and become them if only for an instant before returning to this place this home this person this I...for above all i know that the past is irretrievable unreachable and the present is a gift so i try to cherish each flitting fleeting instant

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