23 October 2009


i face this head on, eye to eye, trying not to waver, to flinch away, have to be strong, hold to faith, hold the line, its in the hands of The Almighty and i am at His mercy, my son's life is nestled under His wings, and all i am able to do is trust to the divine plan, and i am shaking, spinning, i am sinking and reaching upwards, grasping at the shreds of my faith...

Lord this is too much, take this cup from me, not my will be done but thine...My strength is empty, hollow boasting that has failed me before, i will not cannot cling to something so shallow and fallow, so fading and fleeting, all i can hold to is the rock that holds me up, the wings of the eagle that bear me up, the love that surrounds me guides me o'ershadows me and comforts me, you will not fail, not as i have, you will bring me through this, this too shall pass, i can do all things through him who strengthens me.


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